Join the Mecca Movement

Mecca provides the opportunity to be a part of a movement that travels beyond cycling.

   Our mission to build relationships between communities and the environment through cycling is supported by our members.

As a member of Mecca Cycling, you empower:

  • Youth development
  • Grants and sponsorships
  • Community events
  • Organized group rides
  • Guided bikepacking and touring
  • Safety and maintenance clinics
  • Health and fitness workshops
  • Bicycle, equipment, and gear access
  • Public infrastructure

   Our mission to provide services, resources, education, and advocacy is sustained through mutual service and participation by our members.

As a member of Mecca Cycling, you help by:


  • Invite others to rides, events, clinics, and workshops
  • Recruit members on the road, trail, and online
  • Submit entries to our blog through your preferred medium
  • Lead, mentor, and coach riders
  • Help, organize, and host rides and events
  • Trail maintenance
  • Money, bicycles, equipment, gear, etc

Becoming a member:

   Membership into Mecca is based on equity. We remove barriers associated with cycling, the outdoors, and access to nature starting with our memberships. Members make an annual pledge to contribute based on capacity. If sharing, volunteering, or donating is burdensome, we welcome your participation as it is valuable in and of itself. We support individuals to strengthen communities. All are welcome.