For humans to maintain a deep connection and reverence with Earth.


To build relationships between communities and the environment through equitable access to cycling by providing services, resources, education, and advocacy.



New and adaptive methods are needed towards preserving the connection between community and environment.


Community/environment relations are fortified through interrelationships.


Knowledge and practices in service of the community and environment are sustained through open and honest communication.


     The origins of Mecca Cycling began in San Diego, California with a group of road cycling enthusiasts known as Mira Mesa Cycling Club (MMCC). The founders (Sammy Eusantos, Roger Reyes, Joe Maylas, Cory Sacaguchi, Walter Buhay, and Nestor Visico) and the collection of riders that would become MMCC were rooted in sharing their passion for cycling. Defined by their hospitality and generosity, they lead and organized groups, exploring San Diego by all roads that would take them.

     The community MMCC built extended beyond the local region of Mira Mesa. They collaborated with cycling clubs throughout Southern California, bringing groups together, connecting them with new environments, cementing outdoor spaces as shared communal places. The club’s traditions are caried on by the spawning of new clubs, and the guidance and knowledge that its members continue to share.

     As offspring of MMCC, Mecca is committed to the tradition of sharing our passion for cycling, so that we can foster relationships within, and amongst, humans and environment. We acknowledge that the tradition is passed on by serving those most immediately in need, and by placing youth at the forefront, we lay a foundation for following generations.